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Why use Relagram?

The increasing change in work tasks, and increasing mobility in the work market, leads to an increasing need to clarify persons and groups relations to work. This is a need in connection to development conversations, coaching, team development, career planning, recruitment,  work change, company start ups, reorganizations, and more contexts.The information that is given through Relagram is intended to be used as an important complement to information about education and previous and present work. Relagram gives a more precise and specific information about present (or previous) and thought of future work, when it comes to work areas, and satisfaction, extent of work, and need of development for different work areas. It gives the possibility of comparisons between work areas and present and future work of satisfaction with work, work extent, and need of development.  Read more..

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Relagram as a tool has been developed in cooperation with Lund University Innovation (LUI) and Cybercom.
LUI is responsible for the legal and technical formation of the company Relagram AB.

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