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Why use Relagram?

The increasing change in work tasks, and increasing mobility in the work market, leads to an increasing need to clarify persons and groups relations to work. This is a need in connection to development conversations, coaching, team development, career planning, recruitment,  work change, company start ups, reorganizations, and more contexts.The information that is given through Relagram is intended to be used as an important complement to information about education and previous and present work. Relagram gives a more precise and specific information about present (or previous) and thought of future work, when it comes to work areas, and satisfaction, extent of work, and need of development for different work areas. It gives the possibility of comparisons between work areas and present and future work of satisfaction with work, work extent, and need of development. 

How to use Relagram?

Depending on in which context the tool is used, the conditions for choice of work and analysis of results will vary. Also, if the choice of work is made by the person making the tasks or based on agreement with manager or guider depends on the context and aim of the use. The same concerns the analysis of the results. What is best depends entirely on the circumstances and intended use of the results within the culture of the organization.

Through the concrete character of the answers, and that the answers is about the own experience and work situation, the results are directly available to the user of the tool. The tool then also can be used together with others, like managers, colleagues and others, who know about the work and the work situation. Through the focus directly on the relation between a person/group and own work Relagram gives possibility to match person and work in a way that is difficult to achieve in other ways. A good matching means increased satisfaction and efficiency in work, and savings due to avoidance of misplacement and wrong recruitments.

When to use Relagram

Relagram is very useful for development of employees, leaders, teams and organizations. Human resources in organizations have increasingly been seen as critical resources that can be developed. Work leaders at different levels have been given an increased responsibility to develop the competence of the workers and the activities of the organizations. Also employees have in many cases got both increased opportunity and increased responsibility to develop the own competence and the own work. The need that the tool can meet is a need of knowledge about, description of, “diagnoses” of, individual worker’s and group’s relation to own work at present and in an imagined future. 

Tools and instruments commonly used tend to either focus on individual characteristics of workers or work situations and very seldom directly on the relation between workers/groups and work in a systematic way. The need of clarifying the relation to own work is extensive depending on the increasing variation, specialization and change in work tasks, depending partly on an increased adjustment to customers and markets. The demands for specialization on one hand and flexibility and creativity on the other hand are increasing. The demands for change do not only concern work tasks but also to a large extent attitudes to and ways of carrying out work. The need of knowing the variation in relations to work has especially increased within the growing service sector.

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