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What is Relagram?

The tool Relagram has the form of a computer program made accessible through internet. The tool contains a number of tasks to carry out/answer. Through the anwers to the tasks a person's (or group's) relation to a delimited present (or previous) and thought of delimited future work is described. The answers can be written into the program by the person (or group) the answers are about. The answers can also be written into the progam by a work leader or guide in conversation with the person(or group) the anwers are about. The program compiles the answers into two circle diagrams which can then be analyzed. The result can be analyzed and discussed together with a work leader, a guide and/or a work team. Read more..

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Relagram as a tool has been developed in cooperation with Lund University Innovation (LUI) and Cybercom.
LUI is responsible for the legal and technical formation of the company Relagram AB.

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